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Jestin Jose
Environment/Prop/Vehicle Game Artist




Game artist with 6+ years of experience working for many Console, PC, Mobile, and VR / AR contents.Being a 3D artist requires more than just technical skills but also the creativity that makes art come to life in a 3D manner. This is something that I take very passionately and that shows throughout my work which can be found in my portfolio of samples. I really enjoy being a part of any kind of 3d modeling and texturing level designing work for Games, VR/AR content.




                                       WHY CHOOSE ME?

well Experienced and Dedicated

Cost-Effective and Quick delivery

Confidentiality and Less Feedbacks.

Free Art Test before you commit


  Optimized game ready 3d models with PBR textures
•  Optimized Unity environments for games and VR simulators
•  Assets for e-commerce websites
•  VR ready vehicles,props and weapons
•  High-poly and low-poly models
•  Sculpting

Uv mapping and texture baking
  Realistic and stylized textures
  AR ready models for simulators and e-commerce websites

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